Where To Find Rare Gemstones

Where To Find Rare Gemstones

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a vast open-world game where you can find numerous gemstones by mining ore deposits, defeating certain enemies, and exploring the landscape. They are useful for a range of different things in the game.  Here’s a guide on how to find ruby, sapphires, topaz, opals, amber, and most importantly, diamonds!

Before getting started, it is worth explaining right away how to identify ore deposits. They are common inside many of the caves in the game. They look like coal but have a glint of light that will come off them. They are quite common and you will have seen plenty in the caves during the games opening quest.

General Gemstone Gathering Tips

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  1. Mining: Gemstones are often found in ore deposits scattered throughout Hyrule. Ore deposits are typically found in mountainous or rocky areas, and they can be mined by using a bomb or striking them with a weapon.
  2. Enemies: Some of the more powerful enemies, like Stone Taluses or Lynels, will drop gemstones when defeated. However, it’s worth noting that these enemies can be quite tough to take down, especially for beginners.
  3. Treasure Chests: Many treasure chests found throughout the world contain gemstones. These chests can be hidden anywhere, so be sure to explore thoroughly.
  4. Exploration: Sometimes you may find gemstones just by exploring the world. They can be under rocks, in hidden caves, or in other secretive spots.

Specific Gemstone Locations

Ruby: These can be obtained by mining ore deposits or defeating certain enemies like Stone Taluses or Lynels. They can also be found in treasure chests or as a reward for completing certain Shrine quests. Try to mine the ores on the side of Death Mountain for a better chance of finding rubies.

Sapphires: Like rubies, these can be obtained by mining ore deposits or defeating certain enemies. Sapphires can also be found in the Gerudo Highlands or Lanayru Mountain range.

Topaz: Topaz can be found in ore deposits throughout Hyrule, but they have a higher chance of appearing in the areas around Gerudo Desert and Tabantha Frontier.

Opals: These are quite common and can be found in ore deposits in almost all regions of Hyrule. They can also be obtained by defeating Water Octoroks or by picking them up from the bottom of bodies of water.

Amber: Amber is the most common gemstone in the game. It can be found in almost every ore deposit or as a drop from several types of enemies.

Where To Find Diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones in Tears of the Kingdom. They are used for high-level crafting and can be sold for a lot of rupees. Diamonds are relatively rare, but there are a few reliable ways to find them.

  1. Mining: The ore deposits in the Eldin Mountain and Hebra Mountain regions have a higher chance to drop diamonds, but the chance is still relatively low. You will need to look out for the ore deposits that have a golden glimmer off them to increase the odds of a diamond dropping.
  2. Talus Bosses: There are specific kinds of Stone Talus bosses named Rare Stone Taluses that drop diamonds. You can find them in various places, but there’s one located on the west side of the Great Plateau.

Remember, always have your weapons ready when you’re off to find these gemstones, as some of the most valuable ones are guarded by formidable foes. Good luck, and happy hunting!

What Are Gemstones Used For?

There are a couple of different uses for gemstones in Tears of the Kingdom. One highly useful thing is to help you sort of “cheat” the game’s heat resistance and cold resistance systems. Fusing weapons with different gemstones will provide the weapon with some really nice elemental powers. One of which is heating or cooling to keep Link comfortable in the game’s harsh environments.

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  1. Selling for Rupees: Gemstones are valuable and can be sold to any merchant in the game for Rupees, the in-game currency. Selling gemstones is one of the easiest ways to get a large amount of Rupees quickly but don’t sell them all, you might need them for something else in the future.
  2. Upgrading Armor: Certain armor sets in the game require gemstones for their upgrades. For instance, the jewelry you can buy from the jewellery store in Gerudo Town requires various gemstones to upgrade
  3. Side Quests: There are a few side quests in the game that require you to hand over gemstones as a quest requirement.
  4. Creating Elixirs: Opals and Topaz can be used to create elixirs that grant electric and heat resistance, respectively.
  5. Fusing with Weapons: The description of the gemstone will give you an idea of the elemental power it contains. Fusing it with a weapon will give that weapon the elemental power of the gemstone.
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