Relic Ruins: Restless Weald

Relic Ruins: Restless Weald

Restless Weald is a fairly enjoyable Relic Ruin in Horizon: Forbidden West that will test you on a few new puzzle mechanics as well as give you one of the most cryptic door code clues that may take you a little time to figure out.

The Restless Weald relic ruin is an old train station that can be found in the woods. Here is the solution to solve this puzzle and get your hands on the relic.

Restless Weald Relic Ruin Guide

To get started with this puzzle, you will need to get the key to interact with the locked door. If you climb to the locked door, you will be able to see where the key is located, you just need to get over to it. If you walk around the outside of the building, you will find a train cart sitting on the tracks, a little further away from the building. Next to the cart, you will see there is a switch that allows you to change between curved or straight tracks. Trigger the switch to make the tracks straight.

switch train cart direction
Make sure to pull the train back so that it is before the switch. When you change the track direction, you can then start pushing the train cart as far as it goes along the tracks.

Push, or pull the cart with the pull caster along the straight part of the tracks until you reach the very end of the tracks. Aloy will comment when you reach the end. Jump on top of the cart and it will allow you to get up onto the second floor of the building. You will have the platform needed to make it across to where the door key is.

How to reach door key
Jump onto this train cart and run across the rope to get to the key.

Once you have the depot office key, you will be able to head over to the door, all you need now is the door code, which is quite a difficult one to find.

door key
You can see the ladder/path on the far side of the area here. This is where you need to go to use the key.

Finding The Door Code

If you look around you will find a text diary for the relic ruins that is titled “Thanks Again”. You will see that it has the line “I’ve set the entry code to the year the station was built”. Since years are 4 digit characters, it makes sense that this will be the door code. The question now is where to find it!

year station was built
In all my wisdom, I took this screenshot at night. The HDR settings made this quite clear on the screen when i was playing but it didnt translate well to the picture.

You may or may not be able to see the year 1923 written on the wall outside the train station. The number 9 has fallen upside down but this is the date. Head back to the door and enter this into the terminal and it will unlock the door. The quest is not complete just yet though. Once you head through this door, go across the yellow wire and make your way into the main train building.

You will see the red firegleam inside here. Use your spear to blow it up. Head back outside and run back to the train cart. Pull this train cart back to the switch that you moved early on and change that switch to the curved tracks. Push the cart again and this time, it will start following the tracks that lead toward the hole you just blew in the wall with the firegleam. Push the cart inside the building.

push train cart
Jump into the cart again and this will allow you to get up onto the pillars which you can shimmy around and make it over to the relic.
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