Can't Find Greenshine Cluster?

Where To Find Greenshine Cluster

Greenshine silver is a relatively rare ore that glows green and can be found in various locations around the game in Horizon: Forbidden West. Having found several pieces, you may be wondering what the deal is with Greenshine Cluster and why you have yet to find any.

Greenshine clusters are used for high tier weapon and armour upgrades, making them a highly sought after item but where the hell are they?

Where To Find Greenshine Cluster

Greenshine cluster is less common than Greenshine Silver, It just feels way harder to find because you need to know where to look for it. The clusters are only going to be found below water, so this generally means that you will need to have obtained the diving mask.

where to find greenshine cluster
You will need to go diving beneath the water to find greenshine cluster

There does not appear the be a specific region where Greenshine clusters can be found, I have found them all around the map, so long as there is deep enough water for you to dive down into. Since deep water is where you will find greenshine cluster, the coastal areas of the game are the best places to look.

first greenshine cluster location
I was able to find my first piece of greenshine cluster in this lake in the early area of the game. I cant say whether they always spawn in the same location

A Greenshine cluster is very easy to spot below the surface of the water. Since it is often dark and murky below the water, the bright green glow can be seen from some distance away, making it quite easy to spot.

Difference Between Greenshine Silver and Greenshine Cluster

Both of these resources can be used in crafting and trading but there is a difference. Greenshine silver is found above the surface of the water, so in other words, on land. Greenshine clusters are only found underwater.

greenshine silver
Greenshine silver still has the same green glow as the cluster but it is only found above ground


  1. I’m just really confused how you think it’s called “greenshine silver.” Chunk… Fragment… Oh yeah this one is a color that makes sense. Bro it’s a sli – ver, another iteration that fits nicely in the sequence.

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