Where to Find Foxes In Forbidden West

Foxes are very recognizable animals that are often associated with the dog family. They make an appearance in Horizon Forbidden West as an animal that you can hunt to gather crafting supplies.

Foxes, rather strangely seem to only appear in the rocky terrain, similar to that of the grand canyon. Odd when you consider the fact that they are common all across the world in various woodlands. When exploring the wild, the only place I ever seemed to find them was in the rocky areas of the game. The map below will highlight the regions.

where to find a fox
Foxes will spawn in a lot of the rocky areas of the map

Hunting foxes is fairly easy. Since they are large enough and are mostly found in rocky areas, there isn’t much in the environment that will hide them from view. The color of the fox does make them blend in quite well with the rocky terrain of the game, which could make them slightly difficult to spot from some angles.

what does a fox look like
The fox is right in front of you and out in the open but it does blend in quite well with the terrain.

How To Get Fox Hide

You will get fox hide from killing wild Foxes. They are quite common and easy to kill. You will find that every now and then, a dead fox will provide you with some hide when you loot it.

What Are Fox Hide Used For

Fox hide is useful in the crafting and upgrading of items at a workbench. If you are working toward increasing carry capacity, you will need to find two pieces of fox hide to upgrade pouches and satchels that will allow you to carry more.

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