Tallneck: Landfall Guide

Finding a disabled Tallneck standing with just its head sticking out of the water sounds like it is going to be a walk in the park. Surely it will be nice and easy to harvest the data from it…think again! This is one of the more involved Tallneck quests.

You will probably be able to do this quest without having obtained the diving mask but it is probably best you have it as it will make the exploration parts easier and it will also allow you to gather some Greenstone clusters, Moonfish and striped bass that are going to be swimming in the ocean here.

Activating the Ocean Tallneck

The first part of this Tallneck quest will require you to reactivate it. You won’t be able to harvest the data because the power cores have been stolen by nearby machines. You will need to make it to the machines and take the power cores back in order to restore power to the Tallneck.

The quest will update with two objective markers to show you exactly where the two power cores are, so this part of the quest should be very easy. Once you have both of the power cores, return to the Tallneck and insert them into the sides. This will bring the Tallneck back to life. Before you know what has happened, the Tallneck will stand up before you get the chance to make your way to its head. This means you have to find a new way up.

Reaching The Tallneck Head

The Tallneck will now be following the standard routine of patrolling the area. This time, it is wading around in the water, which does make it a little more challenging for you to get to the top.

tallneck landfall
There is a hole in the structure below the surface of the water that you can swim under to get inside the structure.

You will need to make your way to the building shown in the image above. The red arrow shows where the entrance is. If you dive below the water, you will find the entrance. Swim under here and it will bring you inside the building.

how to get onto tallneck
Swim through this tunnel and it will bring you inside the building. You will find some steps inside to get to the roof which will give you a jumping spot to reach the Tallneck.

Once you are on the roof of this building, you will be able to make a run and jump to get onto the back of the Tallneck. From here you should be able to jump between the fins to reach the head and override it.

get onto tallneck back
You should be able to jump on top of the tall necks back quite easily.
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