Night of Lights Door Code

Night of Lights Door Code

Door codes are a major part of ruins and puzzles in Horizon: Forbidden West. One quest in particular that makes use of these in a more challenging way is the Errand Quest Night of Lights. When you reach the end of this quest, you will find that you end up at a door that requires, not four, but six characters to unlock the door code. Where do you find this?

If you read the nearby text datapoint, you will see that there is corrupted data that does not give you the complete six-character code. Fortunately, rather than having to go hunting for it, I will post the two data points below so you can combine both codes together.

Night of Lights Door Code
The first of the two datapoints that will give you the Night of Lights Door Code
second data point
The second log will give you the final three digits of the door code

Combine the partial codes from both of these data points and you will have the six-character code that you can use to unlock the door.

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