How To Get Heaven And Earth Door Code

heaven and earth quest

This guide will explain how to get the door code during the Heaven and Earth quest in the Burning Shores DLC for Forbidden West. Firstly, you will need to interact with the large globe in the center of the room. You will find the globe in a chamber located at the end of a corridor. Once you have interacted with the globe, an audio diary will become available.

The audio diary will give you clues as to what you need to look for. Pay attention to the clues provided as they will help you find the code. The audio diary may say that “company X” was part of this project. So you need to find the mission log for that company to get the number.

You will need to rotate through the dates at the bottom of the globe and highlight the meteor on the globe by following the dotted line. Once you highlight it, you will see the mission log and there will be a number in this. Aloy will mention when you have found the right one which makes this a bit easier.

You will need to repeat this process for all four audio diaries to get the code. Remember to jot things down as you go along, as it will help you keep track of the clues and the information you have gathered.

Once you have all four diaries consumed, you will have the code. Use the code to unlock the door, and you will be one step closer to completing the Heaven and Earth quest. The video guide below will provide you with more information if you are stuck and I have broken down the meteors that came up for me, assuming its not a random roll for everyone. The code below is what worked for me. Use the 4 # answers from each asteroid to make up the code.

  • Ophelia 2050 – #3 (ship)
  • Jubilee 2054 – #2 (tonnes)
  • Caliban – #8 (deaths)
  • Katerina 2056 – #5

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