Minecraft Steampunk House Ideas

steampunk house ideas

Steampunk is a genre that takes modern ideas and technology and tries to recreate them using medieval technology. The result is a fairly quirky style that fits very well with the materials available in Minecraft. The road to creating a full steampunk city will start with your very first house.

Building a steampunk house in Minecraft does not differ much from building a medieval house. In fact, it’s a perfect template to get you started. Once you have the house finished, start adding some metal parts, chimneys and any mechanical parts you can think of. Before you know it, the house will be steampunk.

Playing on PC makes all of this a lot easier. Having access to mods will greatly improve your ability to create some believable structures as there are lots of mods to add cool machines to the game. A static crane and windmill would be a lot cooler if it moved. With mods, this can be done. If you are playing on console, you can still implement some amazing ideas that people have come up with.

The location for your steampunk house is important. The houses look a lot better when situated near rocks. If you can find a chasm it will be perfect as you can create some precarious looking scaffolding and cranes that make it look like some kind of mining is going on there.

Steampunk House Ideas

The playlist below will give you some cool ideas that you can use to inspire your own creation. If you have a video that you would like to have included in this or have some blueprints that are worth sharing with others, please let me know.

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