Minecraft Castle Ideas

castle ideas

A Minecraft castle is the culmination of all of your design work when you get started. You have found a village, made it your own and now you need a castle to reign supreme over your little villager minions. What may seem like an easy case of 4 walls with a tower on each corner, the design of a castle can be a lot more difficult than it might seem.

The first and most common mistake everyone makes is to create some monster of a structure. Cobblestone outer walls that go on for days. The world is your canvas, build as big as you like, but remember that the inside needs to be filled with something. You don’t want to have to spend 5 minutes walking to the center of the structure.

The perfect Minecraft castle design should be fairly large but compact enough that makes it efficient and useable. If your castle is so big that parts of it have vanished based on the draw distance, it’s time to scale it back.

The greatest thing about castles is that you can build them in any biome and they will look great, so long as you use the correct type of stone for that biome. A cobblestone castle looks pretty ugly in the desert.

Coming up with castle ideas can be easy enough based on the number of tv shows and movies that feature them. Building them is a much different story. Always make sure to count blocks so that you don’t end up building three walls and find the fourth doesn’t line up correctly. Symmetry can be important if you are going for a rectangular design.

Castle Ideas

This playlist should give you plenty of influence to come up with some amazing castles. Some people have really gone to the extreme spending a huge amount of time on some beautiful creations. I will avoid using these too much as it is fairly unrealistic that anyone would be building these in their creative worlds, never mind survival. If you have a video you would like to have featured here or have some castle blueprints that are worth sharing with others, please get in touch and I will get it added to this guide.

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