Minecraft Cabin Ideas

minecraft cabin ideas

Building a cabin in Minecraft may not seem like the most exciting of constructions to get stuck into. This may have some merit, but in the right context, building a cabin can be a visually fitting dwelling to build if you have a need for it in the right location.

A cabin is generally a wooden house that would be built in an area that contains trees. Most of us will probably jump to the Evil Dead style cabin in the woods as this is the most traditional log cabin design. This doesn’t mean that cabin houses in Minecraft are going to be basic and boring.

Minecraft contains a lot of different types of trees which gives you a wealth of options when it comes to the color and style of the cabin you want to create. Generally, stick with the type of tree that grows natively in the area but if you are a huge fan of oak, go ahead and make an oak cottage.

Cottages and cabins are generally made up of a core skeleton that in real life would make the load bearing elements that keep the roof up. In a basic house, this would be four pillars that hold the roof up. When constructing, it looks great to use unprocessed wooden blocks for this. See of it like the steel frame on a real life construction.

The default villages in Minecraft are a great place to look at when trying to come up with some style ideas for cottages and cabins as they are the most basic form of dwelling that give you lots of things to be able to build upon. Working with this to create a rustic cabin style home will sort of flow naturally from there.

Cool Cabin Ideas

The video playlist below will give you a bunch of cool ideas you can use for building your cabin in the woods. If you would like to have your video on this playlist, please let me know.


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