Evil Diary Review

Evil Diary
evil diary

Evil Diary is a side-scrolling shooter where you must take on hordes of monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. The game describes itself as “Featuring 32 intense levels”, a very subjective statement. In the hour it takes to beat this game, there is very little outside of the soundtrack that you could describe as even remotely intense.

Evil Diary puts you in a sort of Zombies style level where you must kill a set number of enemies in order to progress to the next level. The number can range from around 20-50 enemies. It will take around 30-50 seconds to complete most levels in this game. Factoring in a few deaths, you should be able to complete the game in under an hour. This may not be an expensive game, but there is little value for money in a game this short.

quick levels
Each level can be completed faster than you have time to start having any fun

The shooting mechanics are a core part of this game and are as basic and limited as you can get. The direction you shoot is tied to the direction you are walking. If an enemy comes from the left side of the screen, you must first run away and turn around to shoot it. Sometimes, the enemies are fast-moving which means running is all you can do. Why there was no strafe-style control to allow you to shoot forward while walking backwards was a huge oversight.

Even with the poor shooting mechanics, the levels are so short and easy that you will be finished before you even get into the action. Except for the end boss, which does provide some challenge, you are likely to get through the entire game without even dying.

alternative level
Some levels simply require you to kill enemes until an elevator arrives. These levels can sometimes last more than a minute but not by much

There is next to nothing in terms of replayability. You pick up money as you kill enemies but there is nothing to purchase with it. No gun upgrades, health upgrades, armor or any equipment. There is even an achievement/trophy called “to late to invest it now” after you obtain $2000 which suggests there may have been a planned use for the money that was not implemented into the game.

One of the only redeeming factors of the game is the awesome metal soundtrack. These tracks always start off strong but due to how short the levels are, you get to listen to the first 30 seconds of the same songs over and over rather than getting to hear them fully. Quite a shame considering how good the music is.

Evil Diary lacks any sort of depth, has basic shooting mechanics that need some refinement, super simple levels and basic enemy AI that you are going to get next to no joy from this game outside of it being a super easy platinum trophy.


Evil Diary is a brief, side-scrolling shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world, boasting 32 levels that can be completed in under an hour. The games unchallenging gameplay and basic shooting mechanics really hold you back from having any sort of major fun. Despite claiming intensity, it offers little challenge except for the final boss, with short and easy levels. Additionally, it lacks replay value due to unutilized in-game currency and no upgrade options. The game's primary appeal lies in being an easy way to earn a platinum trophy, but overall, it falls short in depth and enjoyment.
  • Quick completion time (under an hour).
  • Easy to earn a platinum trophy.
  • Pretty awesome metal soundtrack.
  • Limited intensity and challenge in gameplay.
  • Basic and restrictive shooting mechanics.
  • No strafe control for shooting while moving.
  • Short and overly simple levels.
  • Lack of depth and complexity in game design.
  • Minimal replay value with no use for in-game currency.
  • No options for upgrades or equipment enhancements.
  • Basic enemy AI.