How To Follow Higgs To The Beach

follow higgs to the beach

You have been through a pretty cool boss fight and it looks like the game is over. The bad guy is gone and the world is saved! Well not yet, Higgs has decided to run off and you need to follow him to the beach. How do you do this though, how do you follow Higgs to the beach?

The answer is a lot like the solution to crossing the tar belt. You have to think outside the box a bit. Sam does not have the ability to travel to the beach willingly but he does seem to end up there every time he goes to sleep right?

If you head to the private room in Edge Knot City you will more than likely figure the rest out yourself. If you are still stuck, read on and I will explain what to do next.

So sleeping isn’t quite enough to get you to the beach that Higgs has decided to visit. But wait, you do know someone who can teleport places and she does it via the beach. Look around the room for Fragiles umbrella. Once you have spoken to her the cinematic will take over and you will end up where you need to be.

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