How To Avoid or Kill BT's

Kill BT's

IF you are having trouble getting trough BT infested timefall, this guide will help you get through it in one piece and better, how to kill BT’s.

Before you read into this too much, there will be some minor spoilers. As you progress through the game you will discover new ways to deal with BT’s. Some of these methods will reveal items and methods that are discovered later on in the game. I will keep all the titles as spoiler free as possible and avoid story related spoilers. All of the methods below will be mentioned in the order in which you obtain them.

What are BT’s

BTs are the ghost like enemies you see floating around in areas where there is lots of timefall rain. During the opening cinematics, you only see the black handprints they leave behind. Once you are detected, they will chase after you and attempt to pull you into a pit of tar. While it is possible to escape and run away free, defeating the BTs is often an easier and more rewarding method.

How to locate BT’s

When BTs are in the area your sensor will show where they are
When BTs are in the area your sensor will show where they are

Sam has a natural ability to detect BTs, but he is unable to see them. With the help of the BB you will be able to see a faint shadow of them when you are standing still. When you enter an area that has BTs, the game will show a brief cut scene where the device pops out above your shoulder and the BB will begin to make a noise. BTs are always inside the timefall but timefall does not always contain BTs.

The device on your shoulder is the first step. It will point in the direction of the nearest BT. It will start to clap faster as you get closer to a BT. If it starts to spin orange, you are right next to one and you will need to be very quiet.

If you stand still, you will begin to see shadows of the creatures in the area. Pressing R1 to scan will highlight them for you a lot clearer. This will help you navigate a path through the area if you are trying to avoid the BTs.

Bikes don’t stop the BT’s

Just because you are speeding through an area on a bike, doesn’t mean a BT can’t get you. If you crash into one, it will stop the bike and you will have to try and escape on foot. If you do not get away quick enough, a flood will come and you will have a much bigger problem to deal with.

How to kill BT’s

Killing BT's will net you lots of Chiralium - Death Stranding
Killing BT’s will net you lots of Chiralium – Death Stranding

Taking time out of your deliveries to kill BT’s is not something the game encourages very often, but it is something you will need to do from time to time. Killing BT’s can be a great way to farm Chiralium Crystals as they will all generate a vein when defeated. The methods below can be used to defeat BT’s. Keep in mind that using haptic weapons will cause your BB to get stressed. Make sure you take the time to reduce your BB’s stress levels.

Haptic Grenades

This is the first weapon you will obtain in the battle against BTs. These grenades use Sams blood as a means to defeat them. One grenade is normally enough to do the job. The game will guide you through the process of using these to kill your very first BT…you should also get a trophy for your efforts.

Haptic Bullets

Bullets that are filled with Sam’s blood are also an option. Weapons like the assault rifle will later have multiple bullet types. You can use regular bullets, but you can also use haptic bullets. These bullets will consume some of Sam’s blood when fired, so don’t go blowing through rounds too quickly or you will end up killing yourself.

Cut the Umbilical Cord

Prompt to cut the cord when you get close enough - Death Stranding
Prompt to cut the cord when you get close enough – Death Stranding

Small spoiler ahead. Later on in the game, you will obtain an upgraded set of cuffs. These will contain a gold color dagger on them. You can use this blade to cut the cord that is connected to the BT. This is not as simple as it seems though. You must use stealth in order to do this.

Cutting the chord requires you to sneak up very close to the BT in order to get the prompt. Once you are close enough, you will see an option to press square to cut the cord show up.

Once you have spotted a BT, press circle to sneak. This will prevent the BT from catching you. If you bump into one, it will grab you though, so be careful where you walk and be careful how close you get to them. Keep an eye out for the prompt to cut the cord and do it as quickly as possible.

I have not had an issue where cutting the cord of one BT alerts the others nearby, but it is best to be careful all the same. If faced with a large group of BTs, you might be better off using grenades and weapons rather than taking the stealth approach. Be your own judge as to how close a group are squashed together. It might not be that hard to kill BT’s but once you break stealth, things get messy very quick.

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