What to do with the Small Thermonuclear Weapon for Fragile?

small thermonuclear weapon

Who would have thought the incredibly suspicious man who kept hiding his face would turn out to be a bad guy. The small thermonuclear weapon that he gave to deliver to Fragile ended up being a trap. When you try to enter South Knot city, the bomb explodes. What are you meant to do with it?

The answer may not be immediately obvious if you have not disposed of items in the past, but there is a way to dispose of goods in this game. You may have tried to just throw the cargo on the ground and speed off on your bike. The blast radius is far too big to escape.

It may be possible to chill out in the rain and wait for the package to deteriorate until there is nothing left, this might not work though. The easiest way is to throw it into the lake.

You may have noticed at the junk dealers place that there was lots of cargo out the side of the building that he wanted you to throw into the lake. The lake, seems to be filled with timefall rain or something and will immediately destroy whatever is thrown into it. If you take the small thermonuclear weapon to the lake and throw it into the water, you don’t have to worry about it blowing you up.

If this is your first time visiting the lake, it will tell you how to throw the package. If not, put the package in your right hand (Sam throws better with this hand). Press square to throw a punch, while your arm is swinging, let go of R2 and it will cause the package to be thrown. Make sure you don’t miss the water.

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