Playing With Drifloon - Request 7

Playing With Drifloon

Playing with Drifloon will be one of the first requests that you can pick up in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It seems like a rather simple quest. You will pick it up from Miki of the security corps and she will mention that a “Drifloon has been sighted playing with one of the village children.

You will be tasked with making your way to Prelude Beach to find out what is going on and whether the child is ok. This turned out to be a quest that took me quite some time to figure out. Here is how to do it. Starting with where you need to go.

Where Is Prelude Beach?

Prelude beach is actually in Jubilife village. It is the location where you first started the game. You will need to take the path out of the village and around to the water’s edge. It can be a bit of a walk. Annoying for those of us that went here multiple times trying to find the child playing with the Difloon and failed to find anything.

There is a fast travel point here to save you from doing too much walking. If you are unsure where to find the beach, check out the map below. The red circle marks the beach where you will need to go.

where to find prelude beach

Where is the child at Prelude Beach?

So you have probably been here once or twice, during different times of the day and have failed to find the Drifloon playing with the child at the beach. Since Drifloon only come out at night, it makes sense to check but who would be letting a child out at night so the time of day doesn’t seem to make much sense here.

child playing with drifloon
If you look around the back of the small cabin near the edge of the beach, you will see the drifloon with the child.

Once you approach the child, the Drifloon will fly away and you can return to Miki to hand in the quest.

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