How To Get To The Elder

You will eventually find you need to pay a visit to the elder. The craftsman and engineer, who are in the same area are all easy enough to reach thanks to roads and easy enough terrain in general. The elder, on the other hand is surrounded by mountains, rivers and steep rocks. Getting a bike up there definitely seems impossible.

There may be an actual path to get up to the Elder, but like most places in this game, there are usually several ways to get somewhere. This way, is most definitely not the “official” way to get to the elder, it is definitely one of the fastest. Especially when you consider how close to the highway it is. Grab some cargo from the waystation or any other locations and make your way down the highway. The video below will show you exactly where to go.

One thing I found with this guy is that lots of people seem to abandon the cargo for him. Even if you know how to get up the mountain to him, it’s not as easy to get to as say the engineer. Rather than waste time going there, they will entrust the cargo.

If you are doing laps of the area delivering cargo, check the shared locker for cargo entrusted by other players. There is a good chance you will find a lot of cargo for the elder here. I almost always find enough in the waystation to completely fill my inventory. Grab a bike and zoom up the mountain shortcut and hand in a huge haul of cargo for lots of easy likes.

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