How To Equip Grenades In Far Cry 6

how to equip grenades in Farcry 6

When starting out in Farcry 6, you will have Molotov cocktails in your inventory. These are useful, especially when you consider how well fire spreads in this game. As good as molotovs can be, you will find they become rather useless later on in the game. Considering how enemies spam grenades so often, you will likely be wondering why you don’t have grenades yet?

Grenades are part of the game, along with several other throwable weapons but equipping them is a little unconventional. Grenades, for some reason, are now part of your supremo weapon. In order to change from molotov cocktails to another type of weapon, you will need to go digging into the supremo menu.

How To Change Throwable From Molotov To Grenades

To equip grenades or any throwable in Farcry 6, you will need to find a workbench. The workbench will allow you to equip addons and mods to your supremo. Your throwable weapon is stored as part of the supremo weapon, just like how scopes and similar items are applied to weapons.

To equip grenades, you will first need the required building materials to construct it. Once constructed, you will be able to add it to your inventory.

how to equip grenades in Farcry 6
From the supremo in your workbench, you will be able to set the throwable weapon that you want to equip

You can then select the grenade from your D-pad on consoles or the bound key on PC. When you pull up the weapon wheel, you will see the list of items in your supremo that you can apply to your throwable consumable slot on the weapon wheel.

equipping a grenade
From the weapon wheel, you will see a small menu to the left that shows the four items that you have assigned to your supremo. One, or more of these will be the throwables you have assigned to your supremo
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