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Far Cry 6 Questions & Answers

This section is for frequently asked questions, help and tips. If you are looking for help relating to Far Cry 6, a list of questions that people have already asked can be found below.


Far Cry 6 Box Art

Far Cry 6

Welcome to the Island of Yara, the home of the revolutionary new cancer-curing drug that is going to change the least that is what the oppressive dictator Anton Castillo has to say. Far cry takes you on an adventure to liberate the island of Yara from an army of soldiers that has the population of the island in a chokehold.


How do you get up to Luis house above the crocadile pool to get his stash?

What are you supposed to look for inside the house in the mongoose and the man quest?

How do you download the remastered version of blood dragon that comes with the far cry 6 season pass?