The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Guide

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

The missing muse treasure hunt in Far Cry 6 will task you to follow the trail of a poet to find where his hidden treasure is. You will eventually be brought to shark-infested waters where you will notice a ship that has sank to the bottom of the water.

The video guide below will show you how to solve this treasure hunt.

Where To Get The Chest Key

The key to the chest is found at the bar nearby. Close to where you pick up the treasure hunt quest, you will find there is a bar on the upper level of a structure. Make your way up here and you will find the key hanging on the wall behind the bar. Once you pick this up, you will be able to unlock the chest on the sunken boat.

Where Is The Treasure Chest

Once you have gotten to the edge of the cliff where the poets note says that he has found the location but can’t swim, you will need to dive down into the water below. Keep an eye out for the sharks before you dive down. Once you are below the water, you will see the wreck of the ship that has the treasure chest on the back of it.

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