Oku's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Guide

Oku's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt

Of all of the treasure hunts in Far Cry 6, this has to be one of the most fun and unique. You arrive at a large mansion/castle that is locked up. You can see several doors but none of them let you inside. After exhausting all options, you try the front door and it swings open in a spooky, haunted mansion style.

Once you are inside, you will need to explore this house and figure out what is going on. The place is most definitely haunted. The video guide below will show you the full solution on how to solve the Oku’s Triada Relic treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. The item you obtain here will contribute toward the Triada Blessing side quest.

What Do You Do When You Get Inside?

Once you get inside, you will have limited exploration options to have a look around the property. Exploding mirrors and other spooky sounds will echo the halls. What are you meant to do with all of this?

Turn right when you go inside the house and there is a room that is filled with mirrors. All of them will smash except for one. The one mirror that does not smash is the secret. Smash this mirror yourself and you will find a button behind it. This will unlock the next room with a puzzle.

What Order To Push Buttons With TVs?

After solving the first puzzle inside this house, you will end up in a small office with a bunch of TV screens. There are three buttons on the counter top. There will be a note to the left that has the clue. It will read along the lines of north, west, east. If you take this from the center of a compass, you are looking at middle, left, right. Press the buttons in these orders and it will unlock the next section of the treasure hunt.

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