Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Guide

Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt

Liquid courage is one of the treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 that follows the events of the story. A business owner who dedicated his life to set up a brewery has had it taken away from him and has now been rebranded. In a moment of protest, he has decided he is not going to take this lying down and has locked himself in the brewery, in a room that also has the treasure that you are looking for.

You will need to overload all of the pressure valves in this room by finding three red valves and turning them so that they build up pressure. Once all three have been set, you can return to the main hopper thing that has three lights that have now turned from red to green and it will cause an explosion to give you access to the treasure room.

If you need some help with this one, check out the liquid courage treasure hunt video guide below for some help.

What To Do After Blowing Up Brewery?

After blowing up the brewery using the method outlined in the video above, the path to the secret room is not completely obvious. It is made even harder by the fact that Dani is now drunk.

To make it to the treasure room, head back to the location where the main machine was that you turned the valve on to cause the explosion. Look up and you will see an option to grapple. Hang onto this and you will be able to climb up to the secret room to complete the liquid courage treasure hunt.

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