How to Get New Grenades For Solar, Arc & Void Subclass

Each of the different classes in Destiny 2 has a range of different abilities that fall under a subclass. Subclasses are broken up into Solar, Arc, Void, and Stasis. If you are switching over to a different subclass, which you may need to do each week for the vanguard strike rewards, you might find you do not like the grenades and abilities that are available to this class but there are no other options available.

For the three core classes, that being arc, void, and solar, you shouldn’t need to go to any great extent to unlock additional grenades and abilities. You can also purchase new super abilities from this vendor.

Unlocking new grenades for Stasis does require some extra steps, as they are linked to the beyond light expansion. Here is what you need to do to get a hold of new grenades for the main three subclasses.

Unlocking Grenades For Void, Solar, and Arc

In order to unlock new abilities for the main subclasses in Destiny 2, you will need to pay a visit Ikora Ray in the Tower. From here, you will be able to dig into each of the three subclasses and purchase different grenades for each of them.

You may need a nice chunk of glimmer to unlock a lot of the different grenades if you have not purchased any of these before. Other than glimmer, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing all of the grenades at once.

buy new grenades for subclass
The grenade submenu in the vendor store will allow you to purchase new grenade types for all three of the main subclasses in the game

Once you have purchased all of the grenades you need, you will need to meditate at the strange item on the shelf next to Ikora to unlock the items in your character menu.

unlocking new grenades
Use the small model on the desk nearby to meditate and unlock the grenades you just purchased
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