How To Calm The BB Down When Stressed

calm the bb

During some intense scenes with lots of BTs, your BB will often get very upset and if the scene goes on for too long, the baby could get autotoxemia or something along those lines. It makes the BB pass out and you can’t use him to detect the BTs anymore. Having your BB out of commission is not a good thing, so it is important to calm the BB when it gets stressed.

The fastest way to calm the BB (Bridge Baby) down is to head back to a private room and chill. This will restore everything. This might not always be an option though, especially if you are far away from any room and are surrounded by BTs.

Calm The BB When BTs are In the Area

Calming the BB down outside of your private room
Calming the BB down outside of your private room

When the BB gets upset, it is possible to sooth it. This will calm the BB down and help restore things to normal, much like sitting down and sleeping does. Accessing this is not all that obvious though. The video below will explain better, but here is how to do it.

Press L1 to enter view mode. Look at the bottom left of the screen and you will see a prompt to sooth the BB. It should be the down arrow. From here you can gently rock the controller to calm the baby down and stop it from crying. Keep in mind, you need to be gentle. When I did this first I shook the shit out of the controller and the BB got even more upset.

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