How To Till Land To Grow More Crops

You have found some grain and when harvested you find yourself with seeds to plant more crops. Naturally, you are going to want to increase the size of the farm by removing the grass and creating dirt. Your Minecraft experience will let you down here however as you will discover that it is not possible to use a hoe to till the land, is this a glitch?

It does appear to be a glitch. Removing the top layer of soil to prepare the land for crops is exactly what a hoe does but not in Autonauts it seems.

Preparing Grass Land For Crops

Rather strangely, you need to use a shovel for this activity. Your mind won’t immediately go here as the shovel will dig a hole that you use for tree planting but this only happens when you dig on top of dirt. In this instance, you are digging on top of grass.

make new farming plots
Use a shovel to prepare new farming plots on the land

When you use a shovel on grassy land, you will end up removing the grass and find yourself with a piece of turf. This can be used later on to cover up some dirt patches if you want to make your forest a perfect square or something.

Once the turf has been removed, you will be able to plant some grain seeds and wheat will begin to grow on this new plot of land. A simple way to increase the size of your wheat farm.

Can You Grow Crops On Sand?

No, it is not possible to grow crops on the sand. Things like wheat can only grow in the dirt. If you try to use a shovel on the sand, you will just end up harvesting sand and you will not prepare the soil for the planting of seeds to grow new crops.

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