How To Gather Water

Commanding a large community of automated robots has one distinct difference from humans. You won’t find yourself needing water all that much but that doesn’t mean you won’t need it. Chances are, you started out near the ocean and never thought twice about it until you needed water to create a porridge. Now you are wondering where to get water that you can use for your porridge crafting and money-making exploits.

In order to get water, you will need to craft a bucket. This can be done at a good workbench. Once you have a bucket, you need to find a body of water. As you probably guessed, sea water can’t be used. Nobody would like sea water porridge. You need to find fresh water, which is not so common on this island for whatever reason.

Finding Fresh Water

Fresh water may not be available to you right away, you may have to go searching the nearby area to try and find a pirate camp where there is a small pond of water inside. You will first have to defeat the pirates but once you do, the water is all yours.

finding fresh water
The first pool of fresh water I found was inside a pirate outpost

You can use a bucket on this body of water and it will fill the bucket with three units of water that can be used for making porridge and for any other crafting recipes that come up which also need water.

Storing Water

As with all crafting resources in this game, you will want to have some kind of buffer i.e. storage. In the case of water, it is not possible to store water in crates, pallets or anything you have used so far. You will need to use wooden casks to store the water.

storing water
You can then build these casks to store the liquid once you have picked it up using a bucket

You can fill these up like you would with any other storage unit in the game. Bring the bucket of water to the cask and you will fill it up. This will give you a nice buffer of water to use later on.

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