What To Do With The Old Map Item

What To Do With Old Map

Early on in Tears of the Kingdom, after you first return back down to Hyrule, you will be given a very old map. It is not possible to view the map to see where the X might be and if you are like me, you probably messed around for a minute or two and then just forgot about this.

For those completionists, you may still want to get to the bottom of the mystery for this one and find out how to find the X marking the spot.

old map key item

A very old map that shows a marked spot. What could be there?

This map marker is easy to miss, even if you are in the correct location. You are not able to view the actual paper but when you pick it up, the X is marked on the map of your Purah Pad. If you have not yet obtained the camera in Tears of the Kingdom, this may explain why you have not randomly stumbled upon it yet.

You will need to make your way to the Hyrule field Chasm. Jump down the chasm and in the area below, you will need to follow the fire torches left by Robbie to get to a second light root. The X marking the spot can be found right next to this light root. See the image below for the map marker.

treasure map marker

What Is The Reward For The Very Old Map?

The video above will show you the reward if you fancy seeing it in person. If you make your way to the X on the map you will find a chest in an abandoned mining camp. Inside you will get a mining jacket. This jacket has a permanent light on it which is quite handy when you are exploring the darker underworld of Hyrule.

Is it worth it? I would say no, the light it gives off is very low and doesn’t really help you see where you are going but it is a cool armor set from this game that looks nice in the collection.

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