How To Smash Boulders And Breakable Rocks In Caves

Breakable boulders have always been a memorable aspect of the Legend of Zelda games. Having to ensure your bomb bag was full to always have the key to destroying them but things have come a long way since those days.

Breath of the Wild reset the playbook and Tears of the Kingdom has introduced a completely new way of destroying boulders and smashable rocks. With several methods at your disposal, it is good to know the different options available to ensure you are never stuck without the means to smash your way through the rocks that are often found blocking rocks and hiding other secrets in the game.

Below you will find a list of different methods that you can use to effectively clear boulders and smash up large rocks in the game that have cracks on them. For those looking to clear large boulders that are just plain grey rocks, you will end up having to use your Ultrahand to simply move them. The video below is from the Sahasra Slope Skyview tower and is a great example to use to help you understand how to destroy rocks in Tears of the Kingdom.

Fusing Weapons To Make Boulder Smashing Hammers

The new Fuse power in Tears of the Kingdom is incredibly powerful. It will allow you to fuse a huge amount of different items onto any sword or melee weapon in the game. Doing do will give this weapon increased damage and a range of potential other powers such as elemental damage.

If you find a small rock or a grey boulder, you can use the fuse power to connect this to your melee weapon which will result in this weapon becoming a boulder-smashing mace. Very handy for smashing your way through caved in tunnels.

Bomb Flowers

Bomb flowers are the closest thing Tears of the Kingdom has to a bomb bag. A  bomb flower is an explosive plant that works pretty much the exact same as bombs did in previous Zelda titles. Go to your inventory and hold a bomb. Drop it on the ground or throw it to cause it to detonate.

Since it is easy to get caught in the blast radius of an exploding bomb flower, a very good method to use to save yourself some pain is to combine an arrow with a bomb flower. This was something you needed to do to clear the sludge of the statue in the Zora domain. Do the same but combine it with a bomb flower to create bomb arrows that will allow you to cause heavy explosive damage to breakable boulders in caves.

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