Easy Way To Catch Fish In Forbidden West

fishing in forbidden west

Fishing in Horizon Forbidden West is a rather unconventional process. There is no fishing rod or anything like that. You can shoot them with an arrow but it is not the best approach to take.

As with all animal hunting, using the scan function on your focus is essential when it comes to highlighting where the fish are. This guide will show you how to go about catching fish easily in Forbidden West.

Best Way To Catch Fish In Forbidden West

Although it is not required, fishing is going to be a lot more difficult if you do not have the diving mask. This item will allow you to breathe underwater without needing to go to the surface for oxygen. Since fish can often swim away from you, you can’t really afford to be going back to the surface every few minutes, the diving mask will make all of this much easier.

Once you are able to swim underwater without worrying about oxygen, start using the pulse on your focus to highlight where the fish are. This will make it very easy to track where they are. You can press circle to perform a swim boost which will make it much easier to catch up with the fish when they are trying to get away from you.

scanning for fish
The pulse will allow you to see all of the fish in the region
focus pulse find fish
You will get to see all of the fish, even in shallow waters by tapping the focus pulse

Once you spot a fish, you need to start chasing after them. You need to catch up with the fish underwater. When you are right next to the fish underwater, you will be able to press the triangle button and it will allow you to catch the fish. Definitely, a strange method to catch fish but it will allow you to automatically pick up the item that you would typically get from killing the animal with a bow.

catching wild fish
You will see the prompt to catch the fish appear on the screen when you get close enough to catch the animal

What Is The Best Weapon For Killing Fish?

Killing fish is an essential thing to do if you are working toward crafting all of the pouch and satchel upgrades to increase inventory capacity. Killing them is not quite as easy or obvious as it is for killing land animals, however.

The best weapon for killing fish is your hands. By that, I mean you should follow the steps detailed above. You will need to chase after the fish underwater and grab them. It is the easiest and most efficient way to catch fish in the game.

Using weapons to kill fish is possible and it is easy enough to do when you are dealing with salmon and other fish that tend to live close to the surface of the water, shooting them with an arrow will kill them and you will be able to pick up the items that are dropped. Most other fish, such as moonfish, will be much deeper below the surface of the water. For these fish, you will need to make use of the diving mask and swim after them to catch them manually by hand.

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