Where to Find Moonfish In Forbidden West

This is probably one of the few animals in Horizon Forbidden West that will have you scratching your head wondering what this is going to look like. Moonfish are obviously fish but they are one of the lesser-known wild animals. These are going to be the first fish that you probably struggle to catch if you are not familiar with the best practices of fishing in Horizon Forbidden West.

Moonfish are very common in the tropical waters off the west coast of the game. You will not need to look too hard. Drive into the waters off the west coast and you should find an abundance of them swimming around the water. From the shore to the depths of the ocean, you will find lots of moonfish.

where to find moonfish

Moonfish are difficult to kill with a weapon as they tend not to spend much time near the surface of the water, unlike salmon. You will need to have the diving mask unlocked to make this easier as you will need to spend time swimming after the fish and catching them using triangle when you are within range.

what do moonfish look like

How To Get Moonfish Bones

Moonfish bones are a random item that you can get from catching Moonfish in Forbidden West. This is the rarer of the two animal-specific drops that this animal gives you. You will need to swim after moonfish to catch them and obtain the bones as they are normally swimming too far below the surface of the water to be shot with an error.

moonfish bones
Once you press triangle to catch the fish, you will see the item that you have obtained from catching it on the left side of the screen

What Are Moonfish Bones Used For?

Moonfish bones are used for crafting items on a workbench. You will need these in the crafting of pouch upgrades. You will probably find yourself needing moonfish bones before you have ever come close enough to find them.

How To Get Moonfish Skin

Moonfish skin can be found randomly when you are catching moonfish. The drop rate is a little higher than that of the bones as this is a blue item to signal it is not as rare as the purple bone drop. You will get these quite easily as you start to catch more Moonfish.

What Is Moonfish Skin Used For?

Moonfish skin is used to craft items and upgrades at a workbench. You will need this item for crafting precision arrow pouches and shredder satchel upgrades.


  1. I just found an area where they can be picked up far earlier in the game. To the west of The Bulwark is Cauldron Kappa (the cauldron itself can’t be accessed til later), but the sands around the entrance contain pelicans, lobsters, crabs, and the occasional gull. I did laps around that area just picking off stuff for an hour to craft about six satchel upgrades. The water around the shore contains tons of bass, and if you continue swimming south for a bit into the open waters you’ll start seeing moonfish. Be warned that you’ll have a Shellsnapper and a few Snapmaws to clear out on your first visit.

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