Where to Find Salmon In Forbidden West

Salmon will likely be the first fish that you need to start hunting for in Horizon: Forbidden West. They present a new type of challenge as it is not that easy to shoot fish that are deeper in the water. It is handy that they tend to live in shallow waters but it is best to learn how to catch fish in Horizon before trying to go hunting for these guys.

Salmon can be found in the rivers and any body of water in the cold snowy mountains. They are easy to see in the water, even easier with a pulse. Follow the rivers around the Bulwark settlement and you should find a large number of wild Salmon.

where to find salmon

Hunting Salmon is the same as any other fish. You can shoot them with an arrow when they are close to the surface of the water. The most efficient approach to take is to dive into the water and you can catch them by pressing Triangle.

salmon in river
Salmon that are in the more shallow waters are quite easy to shoot

How To Get Salmon Skin

Definitely the tastiest item you will find from a wild animal! Salmon skin is one of the more common drops you will get when you kill a wild Salmon. When you find a salmon and kill it, there is a chance that it will drop a Salmon Skin when you loot it. You will be able to see when the drop is skin because a focus pulse will show a blue item marker above the animals body.

What Is Salmon Skin Used For?

Salmon Skin is a crafting component used in the creation of pouch upgrades at a workbench. For a full list of all crafting items you need, check out the pouch upgrade guide.

How To Get Salmon Bones

Salmon bones are a rare drop that can be obtained by killing wild Salmon. If you kill a salmon and use a focus pulse, you will see the purple marker shown above the dead animal to signal that the rare drop has appeared. There is no particular approach that you can take to increase the drop rate of salmon bones but they are not that hard to find. Kill a dozen salmon and you are more than likely going to have obtained 1 or 2 bones.

What are Salmon Bones Used For?

Salmon bones are a crafting component used for the creation of pouches and other resource items. You will need to pick up a couple of bones to use for a few of the different pouch types available to you. It is good to hunt for these while you are in the area.


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