Chapter 10 - Brotherhood of No Feel

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Now deselect [MASS FUSION], then select [FIRE SUPPORT].

2. Now select [REVEILLE] and then QS.

3. After the making the QS, tune into Military Frequency AF95 on your RADIO. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: REVEILLE

4. When ready, head Northwards to the [FIRE SUPPORT] QM at CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION and assist the Brotherhood of Steel in defeating the enemies.

Cambridge Police Station

1. Once the enemies are defeated, speak to Paladin Danse SBCs.

2. Once you have finished talking, QS as soon as Danse begins talking to Rhys. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: FIRE SUPPORT
  • Quest Begins: CALL TO ARMS

3. Enter the POLICE STATION and tell Paladin Danse ‘your ready to move’ and then follow him to ARCJET SYSTEMS defeating any enemies along the way.

4. Once you arrive at ARCJET, talk to Danse SBCs and then follow him inside.

Arcjet Systems (inside)

1. Follow Paladin talking to him when prompted SBCs.

2. You will eventually reach a large room where Paladin will stop, HACK the ADVANCED TERMINAL here and use it OPEN the nearby Security Door.

3. Eliminate the enemies that come through the now OPEN Door and proceed through this area, up the slope and enter the room on the right at the top of the slope.

4. HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL in this room.

5. Now continue following Danse, down the next slope then up another slope and grab the TESLA SCIENCE MAG on a desk next to a TERMINAL in the 1st room you come to.

6. Once you exit this room, enter the NW room and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL on your right (E).

7. Continue following Danse and enter the door on your left at the bottom of the next slope and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL there, then follow Danse into the Engine Core.

8. Once prompted, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL ATM, and select;

  • > Power Options > Start Auxiliary Generators.

9. Afterwards, press the ENGINE START BUTTON ATM, only if you wish though(don’t worry, Paladin will be fine).

10. Loot the area if you wish, talk to Paladin and then enter the Lift.

11. Once you exit the Lift, turn left and head up the stairs.

12. Turn right (E) at the top of the stairs and if you look below and to your left (N), you will see a Broken Walkway. Jump down onto this and HACK the ADVANCED TERMINAL in the room.

13. Now fall down, enter the Lift again and now make your way up to the Control Room.

14. Kill and Loot the enemies here to acquire the DEEP RANGE TRANSMITTER.

15. Now exit ARCJET SYSTEMS using the nearby Lift.

Arcjet Systems (outside)

1. Once outside, talk to Paladin Danse SBCs and QS on the 3rd Dialogue Option which the bottom choice will be ‘agree to join’. Reload the QS to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: CALL TO ARMS
  • Quest Begins: SEMPER INVICTA

2. Before leaving this area, make your way to the NW corner of the ARCJET SYSTEMS Building.

3. From here, head straight North. Once you see the Overhead Highway in front just after you pass a wrecked Bus, look NW and you will see a Behemoth amongst some standing cars arranged in a circle, kill it!!


By now you should have HACKED over 50 TERMINALS, PICKED over 50 LOCKS, found over 20 MAGS and all BOBBLEHEADS. You should also have killed over 300 Human/Creature Enemies!

  • If your short on the TERMINALS, there will be a point later where you can HACK a TERMINAL various times to reach that 50.
  • As for LOCKS, if your short on them, just keep an eye for any LOCKS you can PICK from here on until you reach 50.
  • You still have many more Enemies to Kill so don’t worry about the Kill 300 Enemies Trophy.
  • And for BOBBLEHEADS and MAGS, well you should most definitely have them so no need to discuss them further.

As long as the Guide has been followed thoroughly, you should have completed all these Trophy Objectives!

Cambridge Police Station

1. Enter the POLICE STATION and talk to Paladin Danse inside SBCs.

  • Quest Begins: SHADOWS OF STEEL


2. Deselect [SEMPER INVICTA] and select [SHADOWS OF STEEL]. Talk to Paladin again SBCs, then head upstairs to the Roof and board the Vertibird.

3. During the lengthy ride aboard the Vertibird, you will pass BOSTON AIRPORT and eventually dock onto THE PRYDWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Attend the Briefing here ATM SBCs.

2. After talking to Kells, attend Maxsons Address ATM, and talk to him afterwards SBCs.

3. Now talk to Paladin Danse ATM, when he asks to join you (3rd dialogue option), QS and then select the right choice ‘I’ll go alone’. Reload to trigger IS (I couldn’t get IS to trigger here so don’t worry to much on this Quest).

  • Quest Completed: SHADOWS OF STEEL
  • Quest Begins: TOUR OF DUTY

4. Talk to each BOS Member ATMs SBCs and QS just before talking to the last Marked Member. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: TOUR OF DUTY
  • Quest Begins: SHOW NO MERCY

5. Now talk to Elder Maxson ATM SBCs and then board the Vertibird ATM.

6. Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth ATM with the MINIGUN as well as any other enemies before exiting the Vertibird.

7. Loot the enemies if you wish and then head to FORT STRONG ATM and enter the ARMORY.

Fort Strong, Armory (inside)

All you need to do here is eliminate all the Enemies, nothing else!

1. Sprint around the floor killing any Enemies and then use the Eastern Elevator to reach the next level.

2. Defeat any Enemies up here and once all are dead, talk to Paladin Danse when prompted SBCs.

3. Now exit and warp back to THE PRYDWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Talk to Elder Maxson ATM SBCs, but QS on the 2nd dialogue option. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: SHOW NO MERCY

2. Keep talking to Elder Maxson SBCs.

  • Quest Begins: OUTSIDE THE WIRE
  • Quest Begins: FROM WITHIN

Elder Maxson isn’t very happy about the HOLOTAPE but he’ll get over it!

3. Now go to Teagan (the BOS Vendor that you met earlier) and purchase all of his VERTIBIRD GRENADES, also stock up/sell if you need to.

4. Once done, exit and warp to BOSTON AIRPORT.

Boston Airport

1. Make sure only [OUTSIDE THE WIRE] is selected and talk with Proctor Ingram ATM.

2. Give Proctor the HOLOTAPE SBCs, but QS on 2nd dialogue option where the bottom choice is ‘reveal a weakness’. Reload to trigger IS

  • Quest Completed: OUTSIDE THE WIRE

3. Now select [FROM WITHIN] and warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk to Doctor Li in Advanced Systems ATM SBCs, but when you reach the dialogue option which has a Persuasive answer as the bottom choice, QS and reload until you successfully Persuade.

2. After convincing her to help, warp back to THE PRYDWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Talk with Elder Maxson ATM SBCs, but QS on the 1st dialogue option. Reload until you trigger IS for completing the Quest.

  • Quest Completed: FROM WITHIN
  • Quest Begins: LIBERTY REPRIMED

2. Then warp to DCM, sell/Stock up if you need and buy a HIGH POWERED MAGNET from Myrna, keep the MAGNET in your Inventory.

3. Then warp to BOSTON AIRPORT.

4. Talk to Proctor Ingram SBCs, then follow her and continue talking SBCs.

5. Once prompted, warp to THE PRYDWEN.

6. Talk to Doctor Li ATM SBCs and then warp back to BOSTON AIRPORT.

Boston Airport

1. Talk to Proctor Ingram again SBCs (telling her you have the HIGH POWERED MAGNET), and then head to the QM at the Workshop area.

2. Interact with the Bench so you can craft and then place the following on the ground in front;

  • 4 x Workshop > Special > Electromagnetic Actuators

3. After the above part is completed, talk to Proctor Ingram again SBCs.

4. Once prompted the next Quest Objective begins, warp to VAULT 95.

5. From here, head NW to WAYPOINT ECHO ATM and talk to Haylen there SBCs, then warp to the CRATER OF ATOM.

6. Head SE to the QM at the SENTINEL SITE and enter the door there.

Sentinel Site

1. Enter the Door in front and take the left route (SE) here on the walkway.

2. When you come to the first door, use the BUTTON to open it, proceed through here to the next door and open that with the BUTTON beside it as well.

3. Continue around this path and you will eventually come to a Double-Door with a wall mounted TERMINAL beside it and also a Inactive Elevator in the same room. Operate the nearby TERMINAL on the Desk and select > Abort Launch Sequence.

4. Now enter the Double-Door, jump over the railing in front to the ground below and head SE.

5. Follow the tunnel area until you come to a Large Red Double-Door.

6. Enter the Door to the Left of the Red Double door (as you look at it) and talk to Brother Henri inside SBCs until you reach the dialogue option that has a Persuasive answer as the bottom choice. QS and then select this bottom Persuasive choice and reload until successful.

7. Now use the TERMINAL here selecting

  • > Remote Door Control > Open Door.

8. Now enter the Now open Red Double-Door to the QM and place the PULSER ATM.

9. Once that Quest Objective is complete, head back through the Red Double-Door and use the Large Lift on your left (NE). Call the Lift with the BUTTON and once at the top, enter the door back outside to THE GLOWING SEA.

10. Now back outside, warp to BOSTON AIRPORT.

Boston Airport

1. Talk to Proctor Ingram SBCs.

2. Press the BUTTON ATM and then talk to Proctor Ingram again SBCs, but QS on the 2nd dialogue option where the bottom choice is ‘Its Not Neccessary’. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: LIBERTY REPRIMED
  • Quest Begins: BLIND BETRAYAL

3. Once done, warp to THE PRYDWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Talk to Elder Maxson ATM SBCs, but QS before answering the Persuasive choice and reload until successful.

2. Afterwards, once prompted, talk to Quinlan SBCs,

3. Then follow Haylen once prompted and talk to her SBCs.

4. Now, before exiting to travel to the QM, purchase all Teagans VERTIBIRD GRENADES again if he has restocked.

5. Then exit and warp to GREENTOP NURSERY.

Greentop Nursery

1. Go and stand directly at the SE corner of the Workbench building.

2. From here, head directy SW. Shortly after, you will jump down some Rocks and then come to some Crates with a Car Wreck against a Tree.

3. Take the JANGLES THE MONKEY Teddy from inside the Car and a Behemoth will spawn to the East, kill it!

THE HARDER THEY FALL (If not earlier)


Listening Post Bravo

1. Enter the lift inside using the nearby TERMINAL to Power it.

2. Once you exit the Lift, Kill/Loot the Enemies and then talk to Paladin SBCs but make sure you QS whenever you get to a Persuasive choice and reload until you successfully persuade.

3. After talking, exit the building and Elder Maxson will be waiting ouside. Talk to Elder Maxson SBCs, making sure you QS when the you have a Persuasive choice and reload until successful.

4. Speak to Paladin after SBCs and once prompted, warp to THE PRYDWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Now talk to Elder Maxson who is now here SBCs, but QS when the bottom choice is ‘Won’t Dissappoint’. Reload to trigger IS (IS may not work for this Quest).

  • Quest Completed: BLIND BETRAYAL


2. DO NOT progress any steps on the Quest [TACTICAL THINKING] yet.


3. Talk to Captain Kells ATM down the stairs SBCs and then warp to OLD NORTH CHURCH. Make sure only [TACTICAL THINKING] is selected!

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