Chapter 14 – The End (almost)

    Guide By Optimusmart

    1. Now make a QS but do not make any others during this part.

    2. Craft using the Weapons Bench and select Deliverer > Muzzle > Suppressor > Muzzle > Suppressor and keep alternating between Suppressor and Muzzle 50 times until you have earned the following Trophy;

    ARMED AND DANGEROUS (create 50 weapon MODS)

    3. Now open the Workbench Hud and place a Crafting > CHEMISTRY STATION then do the following;

    • Craft 100 RECIPES using the CHEMISTRY STATION, just spam all RECIPES until you have crafted 100.
    • If you run out of RESOURCES, warp to DCM and purchase some SHIPMENTS of FERTILISER & PLASTIC from Myrna or Percy. Then warp back to SANCTUARY and craft JET using the Chemistry Station.
    • Once you have crafted 100 you will earned the following;

    WASTELAND D.I.Y (craft 100 items)

    Followed by the final Trophy;


    4. Now reload that QS if you wish to gain all them resources back.