[Patched] Infinite Ammo Display Case Glitch

display case glitch

Ammo, Stimpacks and other consumable items are something that everyone from level 1 to level 200 players are going to require. If you are running around with some automatic weapons, ammo is going to be something you have to constantly keep an eye on. With the latest Wasterlanders patch, there is a super easy glitch that allows you to duplicate ammo. 

NOTE: This glitch has been patched as of April 17th 2020. You will no longer be able to use this glitch for duplicating Ammo. Keep an eye on the Fallout 76 Glitches page for more information on the latest glitches you can use to duplicate items. 

This glitch requires you to build a display case at your camp. You can only use this to duplicate stackable items that you have more than 3 of. This means a stack of Stimpacks, or for most people Ammo. The glitch allows you to double your ammo every time you perform the glitch. 

Requirements To Duplicate Ammo & Consumables

Before you can perform this glitch, you need to meet some requirements. Make sure that all of the following are true before attempting to perform the duplication glitch. 

  • You can only perform this on items that stack. This means no weapons and gear. Items like Ammo and various aid items can be duplicated using this as they stack. 
  • The items you want to duplicate must exist in your stash. If you have 100 bullets on your character and nothing in your stash crate, the glitch will not work. The display case will allow you to display something that is stored in your stash, so you do not need to have any in your inventory. 
  • You need to have more than 3 of the item you are trying to duplicate in your stash. 

Step 1: Build A Display Case

Build a display case at your camp. You do not need plans for this, so everyone should have it. Simply place a display case anywhere in your camp. Make sure to build the case near enough to the spawn points and not hidden away inside a building. You need to be able to get to the case very quickly. 

Step 2: Quit and Reload The Game

Once the case is built, quit the current server. When you are back to the menu, connect to a server again. Once you respawn, you should hopefully be near the display case you just built. This is the part where you need to be quick. 

You do not need to reload back into the same server. Any server will work. Simply quit and rejoin a server as you normally would if you were not performing this.

Step 3: Add 1 Ammo or any Item To The Display Case

Interact with the display case and add one of the item you want to duplicate. So if you want more ammo, you need to “Assign” one of this ammo to your display case. You need to do this as quickly as possible and need to make sure that you have more than 3 of the item you are trying to use this duplication glitch on. Assign one item to the case and this step is completed.

The speed at which you perform this glitch is super important as there is a time window you must meet for it to work correctly. 

Step 4: Scrap or Store the Display Case

Once the ammo you want to duplicate has been added to the case, exit out of your interaction with it. Enter build mode and highlight the case. You need to either scrape or store the case. Once you do this, the bullet will be returned to your stash but it will also double your inventory. If you have 100 bullets in your stash, you will now have close to 200. Perform it again and you will have close to 400 and so on. It keeps doubling over and over allowing you to gain an infinite amount of free ammo. 

Video Guide Performing The Ammo Duplication

If the steps above are unclear or something isn’t working, check out this video guide as it will show you exactly how to perform the glitch as the guy in the video will perform the glitch for you here. 

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