Best Way To Spend Scrip

spending scrip

Scrip is a new currency in Fallout 76 that is exclusively used in the trade of legendary weapons. As you sell on legendary weapons and armour you do not want at the train stations and complete the odd quest that gives it as a reward, you will start to build up a nice little purse of scrip. Since it takes so long to grind, what is the best way to spend it to get the best bang for your buck? This guide will go over the best way to spend scrip in Fallout 76. 

Where To Spend Legendary Scrip

Before I go into the best way to spend scrip, it is best to discuss HOW to actually spend it. There is only one location in the game to spend it and unfortunately, it is a lucky dip of random items. You will need to visit the Purveyor to spend scrip. You can see the location marked on the map below. There are no requirements you need to meet before going here other than having some scrip in your inventory. 

Best Way To Spend Scrip

Since we only have one vendor to sell scrip to, there isn’t a whole lot of strategy to use. To make matters worse, the items you buy are completely random. You essentially spend your scrip on a mystery box and hope that you get something good out of it. With that being said, there is some selection between the different item types and stars to consider. 

Level 50 Cap

Weapons in Fallout 76 come with a level. The higher the level the better the weapon. The level is also linked to the level you need to be in order to use it. A level 50 gun will be unusable until you are this level. Saving up scrip and hoping to get something good for your level 20 is probably a waste of time. You should keep saving it until you are at level 50 and going down then to make the most of it. You can’t increase the level of the weapons either so once you get it, that’s it!

Which Star Should You Buy?

This is the question that most people are going to have with this. Is it worth paying the extra scrip to get a three-star weapon or piece of armor? The answer really does depend on the build you are using but generally speaking, most people would agree that 2 star is good for weapons and 3 star is good for armor. This is due to the fact that you can stack lots of armor perks at once since it is always equipped. The third benefit is always there and always active. With weapons, you will change them often, you do not want to rely too heavily on the passive perks that they bring. 

Unless you have an ungodly amount of scrip and are looking for a very specific piece of legendary gear, you will probably be best off going for 2 star. It will save you some money and hopefully allow you to get a few extra pieces. It is only worth going for the 3 star when you are already completely kitted out with the best 2-star loot you can find and are looking for the smaller but more significant boosts. 

1 Star vs 2 Star vs 3 Star?

By now, you should know that a 3 star is better than a 1 star. They sell for more and are better but what is the difference. What are the requirements to make a weapon a 3 star instead of a 2? The answer is the number of benefits it comes with. If you look at a 1 star, it might have something like +1 Intelligence. A 2 star could have +1 intelligence and 25% damage against super mutants. Then with a 3 star you could have the same but also have +30% VATS accuracy. Noticing the trend?

The stars represent the number of benefits that come with the weapon. 3 star is best because it has 3 benefits but it doesn’t always mean you should purchase 3-star items. The perks you get are not always amazing. As this awesome video shows, having 6000 scrip does not guarantee you will get anything good. 

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