Princess Zelda Figure Unboxing Review

Princess Zelda Figure Unboxing

Princess Zelda took on a different appearance in Breath of the Wild. A much welcome change from the more classic damsel in distress role she has filled in the past. She has ditched the classic dress and taken on a more practical outfit. This new military style outlook definitely suits her and for those who enjoy it, there is a fantastic figure to show off this new look.

First4Figures has an absolutely incredible history of creating some of the most unparalleled high-quality figures from the Legend of Zelda franchise and while this figure is a little more tame, it is still very nice.

Just like we saw with the First4Figures Revali model, the figure for Princess Zelda is based on the Amiibo but with the detail turned up to 11. This figure is much larger and has some laser-sharp edges and detail that make it stand out significantly from any other manufacturers.

The figure shows Princess Zelda holding the Sheikah slate. There is a striking amount of detail and quality on this item alone and is a reflection of the overall quality you can expect from this model and others in the series.

princess zelda figure front

The pose is not the most action-packed look when compared to others but that does not diminish the aesthetics in any way. This figure is nice to look at, simply due to how strikingly true it is to the in-game character and how it is so flawlessly painted. It really is an impressive piece and makes you wish all gaming merch was of this standard.

A figure like this is always going to be observed from the front but one stand-out piece from the back is Zelda’s hair. The detail in the strands of hair along with the smooth motion in which the hair is flowing. It almost feels like the hair is elegantly moving.

princess zelda back

The model is on top of a Sheikah-themed stand which is very sturdy with a lot of weight on it. It is highly unlikely you will ever see this one toppling over. The weight of the stand gives the figure a strong sense of sturdiness and durability. It is most definitely a well-built product.

There is next to nothing you can really complain about. The paint is flawless, the detail is great and it looks just like Zelda from Breath of the Wild. The pose is not the most impressive and the model itself, while being accurate, is not quite as impressive as the divine gods or even the action shot of Link with the bow. Considering the high price, this may not be the first one you purchase but sooner or later, you will want to complete this amazing collection and Princess Zelda is well worth picking up.


The Princess Zelda Figure from Breath of the Wild is a nice change from her classic appearance. A more exciting pose could definitely have been chosen for this but this does not mean this figure is not an attractive addition to your gaming shelf. This figure is another example of why First4Figures are one of the best manufacturers of gaming merch. The paintwork and detail are flawless and the build is sturdy. This is a fantastic item to pickup for anyone who missed out on the Amiibo.
  • Precise detail and paint work with very few imperfections.
  • The pose is rather simple and may have you prioritise other figures in the collection before buying this one.