To The Ruins Quest Walkthrough

To The Ruins

You will pick up a quest called “To the Ruins” from a woman in Gerudo town who has asked you to find the large statues that face each other in the ruins of the desert. She does not remember the exact location but remembers that it is in the eastern side of the desert.

To the ruins

You will need to go to the eastern Gerudo ruins and when you are here you will find the statues she speaks of. This part of the quest is unclear as you do not need to just visit these ruins. You need to visit the ruins and also bring her with you. This means that you will have to rent out a sleigh seal and bring her along with you.

When you have rented a sleigh seal, speak to her and she will hop onto the sleigh. This part can be tricky as she can get upset if you do not drive calmly enough. If she takes damage or something happens to the sleigh, you will be returned to Gerudo town and will have to make the journey again. The video guide above will show you the best route to get there.

Once you arrive at the ruins, she will speak about what she was looking for and the quest will be completed!


  1. holy crap put the actual location not just a link to a video lazy af article.

    • How much do you suck at video games that the info in this guide wasn’t clear enough? Do you want someone to just come play the game for you?

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