3 Ways To Get Easy Rupees

Easy Rupees

Rupees have long been the currency used in The Legend of Zelda series. In Breath of the Wild, Rupees are no longer items that are easy to find. Cutting tall grass and killing enemies won’t drop anything anymore. To get Rupees you must sell stuff, find it in a chest or complete some quests. There are a lot of items in the game that require you to have a lot of money. Particularly if you want to obtain the Ancient Armor Set. Saving up enough seems like an impossible task, but there are some ways to get easy Rupees in Breath of the Wild. Here is how.

Method 1 – Sell Cooked Food

Raw food doesn’t really fetch a whole lot of money, but if you combine a few basic ingredients together, the selling price can be 5 times more than what it might have been if you sold the raw items individually. You may not want to sell the good ingredients, but the cheap ones can definitely be a quick way to get handy Rupees. Farm a common ingredient, cook and sell it for 30-60 Rupees a go depending on what you make.

Method 2 – Snow Bowling

This is likely a method you have seen already. It is by far the best method to get Rupees in Breath of the Wild. I expect this to get patched in the future though as it makes Rupees far too easy to obtain. If you head to the Hebra Shikah tower and look northeast, you will see the bowling hill. Glide down and you will find a man who will allow you to throw a snowball down a hill and if you get a strike you get 300 rupees and a spare gets you 100. You will even get 50 if you knock 9. See the location below. The map below shows the location.

grinding easy rupees at hebra tower
Hebra tower is a useful location to go to to grind rupees

If you line Link-up correctly you will get a strike very easily. I have spent some time with this method and I at least get a spare every time and quite often get a strike. If you pick up the snowball and stand next to the totem on the right side of the hill. In the distance, you will see a shrine, line Link up with this so that you are going to throw the snowball at the shrine. Press the left trigger to make it easier to make Link’s body face the shrine. Once you are lined up, throw the ball and it should roll down and hit all 10 pins. See the image below for the perfect position. I earned 4k Rupees in about 30 mins. It’s a lot more fun than opening chests or cooking food.

line up the perfect shot with rupee bowling
This bowling method can get a bit frustrating but it will net you a lot of very easy rupees and can be use an unlimited amount of times

Method 3 – Money Chests

This method is sort of a glitch. It takes a lot longer than method 2, but it is just as reliable. In Lurelin Village in the southeast region of the map, you will find a village with wooden tiki huts. One one of them you will find a game where you can pay 100 Rupees and in return, you can pick 1 of 3 chests. 300 Rupees will be inside one of these chests. This sounds like a risk, but if you save the game before doing this, you can load the save and try again. The chest with the money changes every time though, so you can’t cheat it that way. You have a 33% chance of getting 300 Rupees every time you open. From my experience, the chest on the left and right have much higher odds than the center chest to have the Rupees.

Additional Easy Rupee Methods

This method was provided by William Thomas

Moose Rhino hunting. The easiest way is horse and spear. Go to the snowfield and use spear to kill moose and rhino, then immediately jump off horse using x. Grab meat before it freezes.

Gather Prime and Gourmet meat and cook and make Meat Skewers

5 Gourmet meat cooked together fetches 490
5 Prime meat cooked together fetches 210


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