First4Figures Breath of The Wild Revali Figure Review

First4Figures Breath of The Wild Revali Figure

Revali is one of the four champions in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild who you eventually encounter to obtain their help in defeating Gannon. Revali’s is not someone you see too often but you will get a glimpse of him each time you use the Revalis Gale power in the game.

It is very difficult to pick a favorite champion but this Revali figure is definitely one that will make you appreciate just how cool he is.

Nintendo is no stranger to making collectible figures, with the AMIIBO figures being a huge line of figures across a huge number of games. This line of Breath of The Wild figures is created by First 4 Figures a company that has a serious track record for producing incredible collectible figures.

This Revali figure, created by First4Figures, is incredibly well-made. You will be very hard-pressed to find anything about this figure to nitpick over. The plastic appears to be colored, as opposed to relying heavily on paint to create the colors on the figure. This has resulted in an incredibly sharp contrast between the different colors. The few areas of the figure where there are finer details, like on the bow, the work is just flawless.

back detail
There is quite a lot of detail, from the weapon to the clothing accessories. The quality is a lot higher than you might expect from a figure like this

As you stand back, this is quite a striking figure. The facial expression, like everything else on this figure, is crafted exceptionally well. No wonky eyes or paintwork that spills across the lines. The braided hair in particular is a huge stand-out feature from the upper part of the body. The detail from the moulding to produce such deep and clear definition on this is a real stand-out aspect. The different color strands that are then woven into this have perfectly straight lines with very little to get picky about.

revali braid
There is something really nice about the braid on his head. The texture is deep

The bow is of course the main standout part of the character but if you look from behind, you can’t help but find Revali’s equivalent of a hand really interesting. The design of a feather being used as a finger to control the bow is pretty cool. Great effort has been put into making sure this still looks like a wing while also looking like a functional hand that could indeed provide Revali with the ability to use this bow.

revali hand and box
The large wings form a hand with feathers for fingers which are gripping the bow.

Even from the rear, the bow is a stand-out part and from the front, it looks awesome. The bowstring is an elastic string that bends rather than a ridged piece of plastic. You may not notice from a distance but it is a nice little feature.

The pinstripe work along the main body of the bow is flawless. There is a great mix of metallic and matt colors to amplify the illusion that parts of the bow are made from gold. The pinstripe work is very good overall with only one, very small imperfection that I could see.

first4figures revali figure
The base of a figure is not normally something to pay much attention to but this one, in particular, is quite nice. The sheikah slate themed detail looks really cool and is a very sturdy stand

It is not often that a figure can look this good up close and far away. A lot of skill and hard work was put into producing such a high-quality model. This is most definitely worth a place on your gaming shelf.


There is no shortage of fine details on this figure. It is clear a lot of effort was put into making it to look as close to the in-game model as possible. There are next to no paint imperfections and the molding is sharp and consistently defined across the entire model. This a must-have for Zelda fans and is most definitely going to make you wish you had the full collection of 4.
  • Sharp paintwork with very few instances of paint outside of the lines
  • Clean & smooth finish on the plastic
  • Great standard of quality from the entire figure