Iceless Ice House Quest Walkthrough

Iceless Ice House

The “Iceless Ice House” is an engaging side quest you will encounter in Tears of the Kingdom, located west of Gerudo Town among the ruins. The quest involves aiding a Gerudo in her ice house, as she faces a crisis of her ice supply no longer coming from the mountains. Here’s a detailed guide to completing this task.

  1. Obtaining the Quest: Venture to the ruins located to the west of Gerudo Town. Here, you’ll find a Gerudo in a building who’ll explain her predicament about the halted ice flow from the mountains. Accept her plea for help to officially start the “Iceless Ice House” side quest.
  2. Creating Ice: To aid the Gerudo, you’ll need to craft a block of ice. This can be done by using a weapon combined with a freezing item, like a Naydra Spike or a Sapphire. Equipping the weapon with the freezing item creates a freezing effect. Strike a body of water with this weapon to materialize a block of ice. Alternatively, you can combine an arrow with any freezing item, such as an Ice Fruit, and shoot it into water to create the ice.
    hitting the water will create ice
  3. Presenting the Ice to the Gerudo: Once you have your ice block, present it to the Gerudo. She’ll then request a smaller piece of ice that can fit within an alcove in her house.
  4. Sizing the Ice Block: Inside the house, you’ll find a torch positioned next to a fire upstairs. Ignite the torch and use the flame to gradually melt the block of ice. Carefully monitor the size of the ice block as you do this; you don’t want it to melt completely. Stop once the ice block can fit comfortably within the designated alcove.
    melt ice to fit in the icehouse space
  5. Completing the Quest: After placing the ice block in the alcove, speak to the Gerudo quest giver once more. As a token of her appreciation, she will award you with 50 Rupees for your help.

Remember to prepare beforehand by securing an appropriate freezing item and a weapon or an arrow. Using these tips, you should be able to successfully complete the “Iceless Ice House” quest and earn your reward.

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