Bring Peace to Elden Quest Walkthrough

Bring Peace to Elden

Welcome to your guide on completing the quest “Bring peace to Elden quest” in Tears of the Kingdom. This mission involves tracking down a hunting party at Lizard Lake in the region near Death Mountain, engaging in combat inside a cave, and earning a handsome reward from Toren, the quest giver. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to help you navigate this task with ease.

hunting party letter location

  1. Quest Initiation: You will find a small camp of empty tents just down from Goron city as you head toward the Lizard lakes. This tent hosts a critical clue – a poster mentioning that its inhabitants have headed to Lizard Lake for a hunting expedition. This is the clue to help you find where to go.
  2. Heading to Lizard Lake: With your destination set, make your way towards Lizard Lake. You can easily spot them from the map as you will see it look just like a Lizard.
    lizard lake location
  3. Tracking the Hunters: Once you’ve arrived at Lizard Lake, look for a fire near the end of the chasm. This will be up to the right slightly as you go up the path. This fire is an indicator that the hunting party you’re looking for is nearby. As you get close to it, you will see the men coming down the hill with Toren on horseback.
    Bring Peace to Elden hunters
  4. Confrontation in the Cave: The men will speak with you and then make their way toward the cave. Follow them down. This cave is the hunting party’s lair, and it’s time for a showdown. Prepare yourself and engage in combat with the hunters inside the cave. Your goal is to defeat all of them.
  5. Contacting Toren: After you’ve cleared the cave, head back and speak with Toren. He will be waiting to hear the outcome of your confrontation with the hunters. He will be happy with the outcome and will give you a fairly large, silver Rupee for your efforts.

Toren will mention that there are more enemies to kill and more caves to clear so you can expect to meat up with this guy again in the future.

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