Study Finds 100% Of Nazi Zombies Are Unaware They Are Nazis

Nazi Zombies

With the modern day obsession with Nazi zombies one might wonder what indoctrination process a zombie must undergo to officially become a Nazi. They seem to come in organised waves of seemingly infinite numbers which begs the question, who is in charge? You can kill wave after wave of Nazi zombies and never come across zombie Hitler. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to find out the origins of zombie Nazisim, and the results were shocking!

After weeks of dedicated gaming sessions we can confirm that the Nazi ideology has absolutely no effect on the behavior or mindset of a modern day zombie. These truly shocking results come days after Treyarch announce “Mormon Zombies” will appear in the upcoming Call of Duty release. The results of this study will surely come as a devastating blow to to those who were hoping that Mormon Zombies would kindly knock on windows and doors until they were invited in. Next time you play Zombies you can make sure to kill them even harder for being fakers!

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