Vacuuming Mothers Responsible For Over 5000 Game Related Deaths Each Year

We have all come victim of this at some stage in our lives and can all relate to the frustration. Well this week shocking figures have been released that show the true dangers that vacuuming mothers pose to gamers. Figures are now in that show the true extent of the damages.

The report from a respected university shows that over 5000 game characters are killed every year due to mothers recklessly vacuuming bedrooms while gamers are playing. The deaths are typically caused by the mother getting in the way of the screen, causing the gamer to loose control and be exposed to attack from enemies. Vacuum noice has also been credited to many deaths which cause the gamer to become distracted.

When will the madness stop?! We interviewed a mother who was responsible for the death of 4 video game characters over the past 3 years. Her response to the report was “Well these floors aren’t going to vacuum themselves are they?”. This shocking disregard for a gamers KDR (kill death ratio) shows that we have a long way to go to campaign for some change.

The statistics show that most of these deaths occur around the holiday season. The date corresponds with the release of Call of Duty games which show a huge spike in vacuum related deaths every year around the time of release. Lets band together to spread the word before more deaths are caused this year.

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