From Software Summon Adolf Hitler To Make Their Games Even Harder and Evil

From Software Summon Adolf Hitler

From Software have made a name for themselves for making games that would make the most hardened gamer throw his controller off the wall. It started with demons souls and then to Dark Souls. The developer has shown desire to make their games more difficult and challenging than before. Bloodborne is the latest game to come from the studio and it looks like Bloodborne could be the hardest game ever made!

After three retail game releases you might be wondering what they have left to throw at us to make it more difficult? A programmer working within the studio has revealed the companies secret weapon. Over the past few months the studio has been attempting to summon none other than Adolf Hitler in order to gain some evil inspiration to apply to their games.

The development team have been working flat out with séances and regular sessions using the Nintendos Wiija board in order to get in touch with the infamous dictator. In recent months the game has changed shape as more evil ideas have poured into the studio. It has been rumoured that there will be a boss fight against Oscar Schindler, swastika ninja stars and bonuses to all stats if you create a character with blonde hair and blue eyes.

It has yet to be confirmed if Hitler himself will appear in the game, but progress has been running steadily as the release of the game gets nearer and nearer. This has significantly raised the bar for game difficulties. What sort of lengths will they have to go to outdo this in the future?



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