How To Get The Tesla Gun In WW2 Zombies

What would Nazi Zombies be in a Call of Duty game without its share of easter eggs? In the past COD games, the Wunderwaffe was the equivalent of a Tesla Gun. The difference between this gun and the Tesla Gun in COD WWII is that the Tesla Gun can’t be easily obtained from a mystery box. To get the Tesla gun in this game, you must solve a fairly complicated series of puzzles that will eventually get you this gun.

This is much easier to do if you have some other good players on your team. Mainly due to how time-consuming this gun is to obtain. You will find yourself in a lot of places where you can easily get killed. If you get killed, it is handy to have a friend to revive you or at least make it to the end of the round. Getting game over when you are very close to obtaining this weapon can be really frustrating.

This video guide will show you exactly what you need to do to be able to unlock the Tesla Gun in Cal of Duty WWII. It is probably best to play a few games before you do this as it will be good to know the ins and outs of this map along with being familiar with the best guns and where to find them. It is very easy to be surrounded and to be caught in a corner if you do not know the map well.

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