Stuck on the first room in the Bottle Grotto?

I am at the second temple from Goponga Swamp. The main entrance has loads of pots with a chest hidden inside that I cant acess. The first room that I go into has this electrical ball that I can't damage. The room is dark but I can see there are doors on the left and right side of the room. The one on the left has a key and the right side locks when i gain access to the room. It looks like there are some braziers in the middle of the room that are not lit. I dont have a stick or anything to be able to transport the fire from the entrance into the first room. How do you get past this area?

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Dan Hastings
Use the magic dust. Blow it onto the braziers and it will light them. This will unlock the door, allowing you to move on. Using the dust on the braziers is a common thing in this temple

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