Where is the Boss Key in the Bottle Grotto?

I have been up and down this temple and I cant find the boss key. I have been in alll of the rooms and I can't see any more puzzles that I can solve in order to get this. Where is the chest that contains the boss key in the second temple in Link's awakening?

1 Answer

Dan Hastings
Once you unlock the ability to pick up jars, go to the room where there was a stairs in the middle of the area. You can get rid of some jars to go up these stairs now. Once you get to the other side, you will be in a room with a bunny, a bat and a man in a cloak. You need to kill the enemies in a certain order. Kill the bunny, the bat and then the guy in the cloak. To kill the bunny you need to push the first block on the right down and the block next to it, to the left. This will open the area up for you to throw a jar at him

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