How Do You Get The Painkillers At The Abandoned Mine?

After speaking with the leader at the Goron city as part of the Vah Rudania quest. You will be asked to go and get the bosses painkillers. He sent someone to the abandoned mine to get them and he didn’t come back. When you get to the mine you will discover that it’s far too hot for Link. You will catch fire even if you are wearing the piece of the Flamebreaker armor that you got from the Southern mine. I need to get the painkillers at the abandoned mine, but it’s too hot. How do you get past this?

How Do You Get The Painkillers At The Abandoned Mine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The key here is with enchantment stacking. The heat is too hot, but it’s only too hot when you have one enchantment for fire resistance. If you obtain a second piece of the flamebreaker armor, you will be able to withstand the heat. There is no free way to obtain this armor, unfortunately, so you need to save up 700 rupees to buy the boots. The alternative is to buy loads of elixirs, but that could end up costing just as much and also lead to you being under pressure for time.

If you have 2 pieces of flamebreaker armor equipped you can complete this section of the quest at the abandoned mine and obtain the painkillers without catching fire.



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