How To Get Through The Lost Woods

lost woods in breath of the wild

There has always been a strong bond with the forest in the Legend of Zelda games. Breath of the Wild continues this with many different forests around the map. The fact that there are over 900 Koroks hidden around the map giving out seeds also pushes this. Out of all of the forests in the game, the Lost Woods stands out as being an important one. This is an area that has featured in past games, but this time it is up to you whether you decide to visit or not. Considering the reward at the other end, it is definitely worth your while to get through the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild. Here is how you do it.

entrance to the lost woods
Entrance to the lost woods in Breath of The Wild

So the first thing you need to do is to head to the location on the map above. Once you arrive, you will find a burning brazier. You will need to follow these braziers until you get to a point where there are 2 braziers together with a torch sitting up against one of them. If you deviate from the path at any point, you will get “lost” and be returned to the start. If you pay close attention to the flame and in particular the embers coming from the flame, you will see the direction that you need to go. The embers will point to the next brazier. When you get to the point where there is a torch, you must pick it up and proceed using this to guide you. Take a few steps forward past a tree and stop. See what direction the flame and embers are blowing when you are standing still. This is the direction that you need to walk.

breath of the wild lost woods
The lost woods in Breath of the wild are is a difficult place to navigate through

Once you get to the end you will be at the Korok village. There will be a shrine nearby that you should complete in order to have a fast travel location so you don’t need to keep going through the lost woods every time.

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