Face Shrine, Stuck inside room with two horse heads


I am currently in a room that has two horse heads like something from a chess table. The bottoms of them are green and there are two green platforms on the floor that look like they connect with the heads but they don’t fit into it. Whenever i throw the heads they bounce all over the place but never end up falling into the slots on the floor, even when they land directly on top of them.

If I go forward, there is a door that brings me back outside to where the rapids are. There was a chest here but just a shell inside of it. When I go back into the room below, the door to the bottom that I entered through closes down, blocking me from going anywhere. I guess i have to solve this puzzle to get back in.

So far I have tried playing the song on the ocarina that is meant to bring things to life and it hasn’t worked. Shooting the chess pieces with arrows, hook shot, bombs, magic powder and the sword have done nothing to help me out here. What am I doing wrong?

Face Shrine Stuck inside room with two horse heads
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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Dan -

Knowing a little about chess would help here. The horse piece in chess moves in a particular pattern. It goes two spaces forward and then one space to the left or right diagonally. You need to throw the piece so that its final landing place is on the square on the ground. Throw the piece to see what sort of pattern it makes when it lands. Do it in a more open area so it doesn’t bounce off walls. Once you know its pattern, stand on the correct square in the level and throw the piece so that it lands on the little green square on the floor.

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