Kojima Un-invites Konami From His Birthday Party

Kojima Un-invites Konami

Hideo Kojima has enjoyed a very long partnership with with Japanese game publisher Konami, but after months of tension the legendary game developer has announced his departure from the Konami.

Over the past few days it seems that the partnership has been growing ever more bitter as Konami remove Kojimas name from all of the past Metal Gear Solid Titles. For fans of the series this has become quite a stressful event as the future of games like Silent Hill are now in question. Today the relationship got even worse.

Kojimas infamous birthday party at ‘The Pizza Panda’ is going to have one less person on the guest list as Kojima has officially un-invited Konami from the event!

This news comes only hours after Konami unfriended Kojima on Facebook. This feud is really starting to fire up. Who knows what will happen next in this shocking turn of events!


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